New Limited Eddition Artisan Concrete Planter

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Our New Limited Edition Artisan Concrete Planter!

This small handmade concrete planter has been handpainted with high quality Acrylic paint in my unique abstract one-of-a-kind design and is a great little decor piece to add to your home.

Please note that your planter will not look exactly like the one pictured as no one planter will ever look the same however will have the same colors and look.

This planter is approx. 8cm high and 10cm wide.

Each pot has its own personality and imperfections which is what makes it unique. Each pot will have variations in bubbles, smoothness and texture as they are handmade, and no two will be the same which what makes them unique.....
Note: There are no drain holes as they are suited for your indoor cactus or succulent... but can also be used as a candle holder.

They look amazing as a centrepiece to add a pop of color and something different in your home.

These will come in other colors and I am more than happy to do custom colors. Please contact me to discuss.

Please note that due to the material used, all orders will take 2-3 weeks to process due to care required during the curing stage.

Shipping generally will take 3-7 business days via courier service Australia wide. However, couriers can may experience delays which is out of my control.

Thank you for supporting homemade.